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Database monitoring on a proactive basis is necessary to ensure that databases are available for supporting business processes and functions.


Database monitoring also provides performance analysis and trends which in turn can be used for fine tuning the database architecture and queries, there by optimizing the database for your business requirements.

By combining state-of-art tools, processes & our expertise, TechVisions provide cost effective and superior access to our DBA experts in the delivery of our Database management services.


TechVisions with its complete monitoring infrastructure in the Cloud and expertise will configure the databases, services and hosts that need to be monitored for the customer.

Why to choose TechVisions 

Cloud Based Monitoring Infrastructure  

The entire monitoring Infrastructure Is deployed in the cloud. The cloud Infrastructure Is robust and reliable compared to on-premise infrastructure.

Pay Per Use Model

Monitoring as a Service follows the SaaS model of payment where you have flexible pay per use payment options.

This offering is Ideal for customers who are looking to minimize their capital expenditures on a monitoring solution.

Implementation and Configuration Outsourced 

Plan for the next Database  enhancement, put the scope and your outsourced will implement the solution to meet your expectation.

World Class Support

With Monitoring as a Service, TechVisions 
Will  Implement the monitors, service
escalation workflow on behalf of the customer.

 DBMaaS Services

Value Proposition

  • 24/7 DB monitoring

  • Single Vendor to manage multiple databases

  • Expert & Certified Resources monitoring and managing your Databases

  • Peace-of-mind while we manage your databases

  • Reduced support and maintenance cost

  • Reduced workload on in-house DBAs

  • Increased data protection and reduced risk of data loss

  • Proactive system audits and resolution of critical Issues


  • DBA Time

  • Correct Licensing

  • Rightsizing 

TechVisions Packages

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Enterprise 

DBMaaS Advantages

  • Hassle-free monitoring & support

  • Peace-of-mind

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • ITIL Standard Support

  • SLA based services

  • Review Meetings with Account Manager


  • Complete resource overview

  • Real-time status

  • Planning & forecasting

  • Performance Management

  • Cost Management

  • Scaling, Integration and Customization 

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