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Oracle GoldenGate

GoldenGate is the strategic data replication tool from Oracle.Oracle GoldenGate gained very
good name in the market for real time data replication, database migration and High Availability.

#High Availability

#Heterogeneity and IT flexibility

#Reduced latency

#Transaction integrity

Planning And Poc

  • GoldenGate Capacity Planning

Help you choose the right Infrastructure, GoldenGate version, identify unsupported objects and data types based on your Business requirement

  • Proof of Concept

Help you to run GoldenGate PoC and
demonstrate GoldenGate features

Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • End-to-End GoldenGate infrastructure monitoring

  • Resolve GoldenGate issues

  • Minimize GoldenGate process Lag

Health Check

  • Perform routine GoldenGate Health Checks to identify hardware and software issues and best practices

Patch Management and Upgrade

  • Upgrade GoldenGate software from 11g to 12c

  • Upgrade GoldenGate software from 11.1 to 11.2 or 12.1 to 12.2

  • Patch GoldenGate software

GoldenGate Management

  • Installation and Configuration

Pre and Post Installation Planning and Configuration

GoldenGate Installation and


  • GoldenGate replication Solutions

Unidirectional Replication

Bidirectional replication

Multi master Replication

Downstream Replication

Cascade Replication

Consolidation and Integration

Cloud and On-Premises

GoldenGate on Exadata

  • Configure GoldenGate replication between Exadata to Exadata Databases

  • Configure GoldenGate High Availability using ACFS/DBFS on Exadata

  • Implement GoldenGate best practices on Exadata


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