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Oracle’s GoldenGate – Innovation for Future

Do you know that since its marketed and controlled in 2009 by Oracle GoldenGate has integrated support for more new platforms than in all the last 20 years altogether? Oracle has been spending huge to support various new technologies for GoldenGate. In fact, few of the most successful growth areas for this software have been in all the new types of data stores that are supported as of today.

This post throws a light on how Oracle’s GoldenGate is not just a DBS anymore; it’s an innovation for future.

The Rising Demand for Real-Time Data Replication

The demand for real time data replication is rising at a faster pace and that’s why there are now private database APIs that users can avail from GoldenGate.

Oracle has been optimizing the database kernel to parallelize and remove buffer latency for the transactions operating via GoldenGate distribution services. In Oracle 19.1 database, or higher, there are various low-profile innovations and optimizations between the GoldenGate and the database that many businesses are not aware of.

The primary goal for GoldenGate in each release is improved performance. No other supplier comes close to providing the breadth and depth of integration with Oracle database.

On the Replicate side, there is a novel Parallel Replicate (Integrated Mode) process, offering a super faster, automatic way of writing the transactions into a database. Moving ahead, this parallel process setting will also act as the basis for high-speed writes into the supported data stores in the coming days.

Remote Capture for Non-Oracle Databases and NoSQL

The platform of GoldenFate didn’t gain market dominance since it was exclusive to only Oracle.

The DNA of the platform began with Tandem NonStop Databases and then GoldenGate itself supported other databases such as IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server for just as long as Oracle DBS. Moving ahead, there is a whole new version of non-Oracle database support in GoldenGate. Since 2017, a rising new trend for using replicating technology goals to operate GoldenGate from the mid-tier servers whole connecting to the data store remotely.

Automation, Simplicity and Self-Service

For GoldenGate, the development and engineering priorities focus on making it a robust technology for high availability solutions and disaster recovery.

Businesses literally can run their operations on the SLAs that GoldenGate offered to guarantee the online access of their transaction mechanisms.

This emphasis on performance and reliability often comes at the cost of the aesthetics; the UI for GoldenGate is mainly Command Line Interfaces and low-profile control files such as Parameters Files, well suited for developers and DBAs.

Many competitors came along the line with more beautiful interfaces though, yet they didn’t match the performance and reliability offered by GoldenGate.

Starting with the landmark release of GoldenGate 12.3, a while new collection of novel capabilities precisely targeted at simplifying GoldenGate, keeping it more user-friendly and automated for nonDBA users, the platform is going to be more productive.



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