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Oracle’s GoldenGate – What & Why?

GoldenGate is the software product by Oracle that lets users filter, transform and replicate data from one database to another.

It replicates the data between Oracle’s own databases as well as other compatible heterogenous databases.

The use of GoldenGate became mainstream due to certain business requirements like business continuity, high availability, initial database transfer, upgrades with no downtime, data integration and live reporting. The software is primarily used for data transfer in real-time with least latency, and movement of only required transactions with improved consistency and performance. GoldenGate supports all releases and versions of Oracle databases and other supporting databases functioning on different operating systems. The simple and easy-configurable architecture of GoldenGate enables high performance with least overhead for all connected infrastructure and databases.

The Core Benefits of GoldenGate

Through GoldenGate, you can send data in real rime, which decreases the chances of latency.

  • To maintain consistency and performance standards, just allocated data is transmitted. GoldenGate does capture the unassigned data but discards its after getting a Rollback.

  • GoldenGate provides support for diverse editions of Oracle data bases and is equally supporting for a lot of non-Oracle databases that are running on a broad range of operating systems as well as hardware platforms.

  • Though the replication function is good, the effect on the underlying databases is least when GoldenGate is used.

  • The configuration of GoldenGate’s architecture is simple, making it an effective and easy technology to adopt and execute.

  • The software has its own default structure for data recovery for gap resolution for several types of failures such as network or site failure.

  • GoldenGate is leveraged on its proprietary format files to keep the assigned data transmitting from source database, making it self-functioning no matter what database it is using.

  • It uses the standard network in between the target and source database and is not based on Oracle’s Network services. Hence, data transfer is done by GoldenGate’s own processes and doesn’t affect the network performance of the target and source databases.

  • GoldenGate has its specific mechanism for fault-tolerance, to monitor the volume of work that is completed and pending. This feature is autonomous of any database and makes sure that data is not loss, with the help of automatic gap-resolution.

The Benefits of GoldenGate’s Data Replication Technology

  • GoldenGate is known for providing high availability. It is used to have only one standby database that is synchronized constantly in the primary environment. In crash case, an instant fail over makes the effect on the operations minimal.

  • GoldenGate provides bi-directional replications by using Active-Active configuration that makes the effect on the business almost negligible.

  • Using the replication technique of GoldenGate, a separate system where application runs, can be used for reporting, thus reducing the load at the source database.

  • GoldenGate brings immense value for the businesses since it is decoupled from data architecture and facilitates the homogenous and heterogenous real-time capturing of the transaction change data integration. It can be configured with various architectures; from a simple unidirectional architecture to a complex peer-to-peer one.



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