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The Benefits of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

For a lot of businesses, the significance of Oracle Databases, as well as the information they contain, is huge. In almost every instance, the Oracle Database contains the most mission-critical and insightful information. Hence, we are observing the rising demand for the infrastructure that truly supports this vital software. Here comes Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) comes into play. The software integrates a 100% tested and installed software stack, which lessens much of the IT workload for using an Oracle Database infrastructure. This is an issue of key importance especially for remote locations that often have limited IT capabilities. This post talks about what ODA is and the benefits it brings to the businesses.

The Benefits of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

ODA is the complete system that offers valuable and important advantages to both the IT and business procedures that initiate the organization’s operations. Moreover, Oracle Database Appliance offers support to the usage scenarios that are lesser in scale or even IT resource constrained, facilitating the businesses to avail the benefits of Oracle Database that they could not have availed before.

1. Improved Efficiency

Starting with the IT and business benefits, the ODA has been developed to increase the degree of efficiency and deployment ease to Oracle infrastructure. This was not available in the past. Among the key and initial benefits for an IT enterprise is the ease of getting the appliance up and working, without needing tons of time and resources. By mixing software, storage, server, and networking resources, with the 100% loaded Oracle Database, the period from physical system delivery to the operational status is reduced from weeks to days.

2. No Need for Local Oracle DBA

Another benefit that ODA brings for the businesses is the ability to organize local Oracle Database resources without having a local Oracle DBA for majority of daily activities. This is significant as it decreases the costs related to a local instance of the Oracle Database. Oracle Database Appliance then improves the work that an Oracle DBA does for the database workloads in other geographic sites, boosting the ROI from this very imperative function. Oracle Database Appliance is an ideal solution for IT where the staff resources are rare or not actually on-site at distant locations. The daily management and administration activities for HA database systems are not cheap and need substantial staff with expert specific skills. Using Oracle Database Appliance having its innate reliability and emphasis on availability offers a platform that instantly yields uptime desired, without any attendant costs.

3. Simplified Support

Another key benefit lies in ODA’s simplified support state that helps make it an excellent choice for smaller-scale or remote Oracle Database settings. Unlike more outdated approaches that shape infrastructure on the basis of products of numerous vendors, Oracle Databa Appliance is a single-source solution, available with all remediation and support from a single vendor, i.e. Oracle. This simplifies the tech support that is essential and makes for quicker issue resolution, since there are lesser number of variables for the support to resolve.



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