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Oracle ODA

Simple, Optimized And Affordable


Oracle Database Appliance Services (ODA) results in low cost of ownership and  improved database infrastructure, protecting your organization's mission-critical data.

#High Performance



#Pre-tuned configuration

ODA Installation

  • Help Customers in installing and configuring ODA

  • ODA post installation process

ODA Best Practices

  • Implement ODA Best Practices to achieve best out of it

Database Migration to ODA

  • Migrate databases using Physical and Logical methods

  • Migrate databases with minimum or No Downtime

  • Migrate mission critical databases using GoldenGate with zero downtime

Consolidation on ODA

  • Consolidation on ODA

Patching ODA

  • Patch ODA systems

  • Apply ODA Bundle Patches

  • ODA and Database One-off patches

Patch set and Database Upgrade

  • Upgrade databases within the release( to or to all major upgrades from 11g to 12c

Monitoring ODA

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c/13c

  • Scripts and utilities

ODA Hardware Monitoring and Support

  • Hardware failure monitoring and replacement

ODA Health Check

  • Perform routine ODA Health Checks to identify hardware and software issues and best practices

  • Automate Health Check monthly/Quarterly

ODA Contracts

  • Flexible contracts for all services -Time/monitored pay as you go, Firm fixed price and Monthly payments

7x24 hour, 365 Day Support

  • Since we have the right skills you can offload your ODA Support to us.

  • 24/7 Support for your entire mission critical ODA Systems..


+966 11 2472494

Alsulaymaniyah, Riyadh, KSA

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